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:bulletred: we keep on pushing the official opening back, because we've had personal difficulties (one of us is serving a REAL army, one of us doesn't have a computer atm, and the last one has some other RP groups stuff she has to first finish dealing with! Sorry for the delay, hopefully by summer (at the latest!!!!!!) we'll be ready!
:bulletblue: Since the apps are up you can sort of start planning on characters, uniforms reference will be posted soon
:bulletblue:Don't be afraid to ask we're always here to answer.

Enlistment Requirements

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 20, 2012, 9:46 AM
Enlistment Requirements
Otherwise known as character creation information

General Information:

:bulletblack:You must only have one soldier of any gender. Genderless and Androgyny characters are acceptable as well, and are welcome.

:bulletblack:Currently NPCs are reserved for admins only. We’ll most likely open the option soon though.

:bulletblack:We accept humans, and half-humans (furries, vampires or shape-shifters are NOT acceptable) which means that winged humans, finned humans, elves, dwarves, animal-ears (they can have tails too) are all allowed. Remember! Your choice of character WILL effect our choice of unit for you, so choose wisely.

:bulletblack:Do not include weapons on your app at this stage when enlisting. You may specify in your author's comment a specific preference of weapon (but don't make your character a master of swords or such)

:bulletblack:You may write your character's history either according to the history of Qezeix (and the TL;DR provided there), or from your own imagination.

:bulletblack:Your character must wear uniform at all times, including your application. At this stage, draw them in Boot Camp uniform, and when we put you into your unit you may choose to edit your app to the uniform of the corresponding unit.

:bulletblack:If your application isn't fully complete according to the instructions, we will not hesitate to reject it. However, you may resubmit your character, and we will reconsider you.


:bulletblack:The characters age must be 19 and up (but not too old please)

:bulletblack:Characters need to be drawn at least from waist/knee-up. We’d prefer a full body view, though.

:bulletblack:Please try to make the character 100% original. We can’t really penalize you if you trace or use bases (if you do, don’t forget to credit!!!!). And we won’t kick you from the group for using them.
You’re the only losing side, because there’ll be no improvement if you don’t escape the comfort zone. And I [:devdanichingu] am not too fond of tracers or base-users, so I’ll probably appreciate you less if you use them.

:bulletblack:Make the history/background story of your character believable and don’t spare on words and paragraphs, tell us a story, make it interesting and long! And please don't overdo, we don't want your story to be telling us to which unit you want to join...(Not book long though, yea?)

:bulletblack:Make sure your soldiers have a balanced amount of positive and negative traits (personality traits) don’t make Mary-sues or Gary-stus.

How to form the Join request:

You must provide the next information on your joining request:

Name of soldier, link to app, and the soldier’s oath as it’s written below

"I, [full name of character], hereby swear to serve The Legion and its purposes at all costs, and put my life in line for our people and country, until the day I cease to live."

Author's Comment:

Full Name: [self explanatory]
Race: [human/dwarf/elf and normal/winged/finned/mimi]
Gender: [female, male, genderless, androgyny, trap, etc.]
Age: [19 and up, not too old]
Date of birth: [month and day, write in words. e.g.- February 7th.]
Height: [self explanatory]
Weight: [self explanatory]
Blood Type: [A, B, AB, O pretty self explanatory]
Health Condition: ['healthy' if nothing specific, do mention problems with breathing, phobias and etc]

Preferred Unit: [self explanatory]
Personality: [include at least 3 positive traits and 3 negative traits, but don't hesitate for more.]
Likes: [not more than 3]
Dislikes: [not more than 3]
Background story: [just write your character's history please make it longer than 3 sentences, but not a history book]
Misc: [anything else that you'd like to add, here you can include your weaponry preference, etc]

*you must write the soldier's oath here as well*

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